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Welcome to Life Planners, Inc!

Life Planners, Inc. (LPI) is a personal and professional training and development company, dedicated to personal and organizational excellence! Our mission is to help individuals of all ages and stages, and organizations of all sizes identify, develop, and achieve lifetime, personal and professional goals, ambitions and fulfillment.

We are committed to helping you achieve more abundance and success, while bringing you passion, excitement, satisfaction and adventure to your life!

Whether you're in your teenage years, starting a new life independently, recently married, beginning or contemplating a career or job change, or living in your retirement years, your lifetime dreams are waiting to be fulfilled! LPI is ready to help whatever age or stage in life you’re in.

To begin, check out our LPI Products and Services listed below. You may choose a Life Achievement Planner, or choose to attend an Abundant Life Workshop or even select a Life Achievement Package for yourself or someone that you care about.

Life Planners, Inc. is ready to provide you with products and services so that you can begin TODAY to Live Life More Abundantly!

LPILPI Products:

Life Achievement Planners
    By purchasing the Life Achievement Planner today,
     you can start achieving your goals tomorrow!

Live Life Abundantly Book
Available in the summer of 2012 - By Thomas Harris

Live Life Abundantly T-Shirts & Polos
    Purchase inspiring apparel today!

LPI Services:

Abundant Life Workshops
    Reserve your seat in an upcoming Workshop
    or schedule a Workshop at your location!

Life Planning Packages
    Planning Packages for all ages!

Coaching Packages
Your choice of three individual life coaching packages

LPI Presenters and Speakers
    Request an LPI Motivational Speaker for your upcoming events!


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